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big sucess!!

YES!! I woke up this morning at about 5am and starting my other essay that was due first thing this morning, and I managed to pull it off too!! I'm so impressed with myself! I got all of my homework done even before I left my house which was great! It felt really good to leave the house with the main stuff done, and go to school and print out the stuff I needed! My printer doesn't work at home, neither does my dad's printer. But I backed my stuff up on floppy and got it in that way...

I saw Simon today. It turned out he wasn't home all weekend and he never got my message from Friday. But that's ok because I just gave him what I needed to give him in class and he got it done before our math teacher checked it, which was cool. He was sooo hilarious in class today, omg! Him and his friends were quietly making funny noises while our teacher was lecturing us, and he didn't really notice, which was funny. I was trying hard not to laugh in class but others were about to laugh too.

One thing that did piss me off big time is I'm screwed BIG time for my solo ensemble concert. I'm gonna have to put it off until next Wednesday because I called two of the local music stores for the song I requested music sheets for, and they don't fucking have them! Dammit I need it now! They also said that the earliest they could get it to me is in two weeks, which doesn't work for me!!! ARGH! Now I'm probably gonna have to pick another song that they do have, and I can learn within one day.

Well I'm in my last class of the day and I have one thing I need to do before I take off school, so I better do it. I might write more laterz. Howdy to everyone!

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