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Rough Day, Week Might Get Better

Today was an extremely rough, long day for both Pea and myself at COM. Her roommate's doing worse and can't remember anything anymore!! I can't explain it here, but she lost her memory, and things are just getting worse. I dunno how much I can handle of this anymore. It's too sad; it's like losing someone close while they're still alive. It's like they're physically alive, but there's nothing left of them anymore.

I gotta go to Any Mountain to sign papers, and see when I start training. Sometime in the afternoon, I might be able to hang out with G, but of course something comes up, and I can't. So either tomorrow or Wednesday, we'll hang out.

I can't believe this will be a short week, with Thanksgiving! I'm still unsure of what's happening with me, but I'll still get a big dinner either way.
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