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Circus, English, Work Status

Last night was awesome! My folks tok me to the circus thing, which was fabulous, btw. Lasted for 2.5 hours with a half hour intermission break. It was also nice to see my brother again. he looks great! I was really amazed with the people on the balance beam, and people on the high trapeze; they totally enjoyed everything that was performed and no one made any mistakes. There was a few times when i was getting scared for a few people, because a little girl came onto the stage, went to the balance beam, and did a wonderful flip! The whole thing was amazing, and I'd do anything to go to another one too! Definitely worth it.

Afterwards, we got into a traffic jam into the city, and took an hour for us to get home.

English class was sorta easy. Had to write an in class essay on the spot on our view about marijuana. I don't know too much about it, but I tried to write a paper on it anyway. I think it's horrible.. Ah well.

No call back from LC. I probably won't get it back, but it's okay. I already have enough junk going on as it is.. I actually can't wait to start at Any Mountain; it should be fun.
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