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Some Bad News

Found out a few things..

My step mom's co-worker passed away, and no one contacted him before he died. Apparently he was sick for 2 weeks, and everyone wondered what happened to him..

Also, QQ (my dad and I's best friend) has cancer, and is in New Mexico to fight this off in a Native American ceremony. We've known him for 3-4 years and we just can't see him go before his trip back home.

Pea and her roommate are still sick too, in their own way. This one I already knew about, but it just gives me a reminder that they're trying to make it too. It's hard to be someone that's ill or have a close friend become ill.

Anyone with healing energy, please send some our way, and to anyone that's not doing well. We will do the same. All I'm asking for, is for sick/ill friends to get better soon.

I love you all.
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