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Stuck In Not-So-Happy Moments

Just got a random call from my dad. Something/someone dialed my number, but it wasn't him. When I answered my cell, I heard him yelling at someone about something, and now I don't want to know what that was. Now I don't even want to go home and deal with him. Am I being selfish for feeling that way?

Anyway, I'm stuck here in the computer lab. I would go to the English lab to get homework done, but there's someone else that's bugged me to hang out with her this afternoon, and I can't. I don't even really like her. Am I being dumb about this or selfish in any way about this?

I hate tip-toeing around people. I'd like to be myself without certain people telling me I need to be a certain way. Is it too much to ask?

Only plus, a friend just came by, and we're chatting it up a bit. Maybe I'll feel fully better before I go to sleep, who knows.
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