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Long Entry, BAD DAY!

Well today (Friday) was the crappiest day for me. After posting from COM this morning, I did a few errands with Pea. Didn't work. Ran into Kat (who I think is trying to get LJ, if I remember correctly). She hung out with us in the music hall nearly until our chorus class.

Everything was decently well for the hour recital until our Chorus went up last to sing 3 songs. Everyone performed really well, but that's not the bad point. Unfortunately, a drunk, stoned guy (let's call him M for now) stumbled into the our music hall/room, and walked into the camera that was recording the recital. I mentally cringed. He later took his seat in the second row and watched us sing the second song till we were done. When everyone applauded, he stood up and clapped loudly, and yelled out how great we were, which was embarrassing. Then we did our last song, and finished the recital. M stood up again and was being inappropriate. So one of the teachers/aid went up to him to tell him how inappropriately rude he was. M went off on her by cussing/swearing, yelling threats, and nearly violent. Unfortunately, Pea's and my stuff were also in the second row, so I was scared. We grabbed our stuff and walked quickly to the nearest exits out of the building. I nearly bawled. That experience reminded me of my mother's drunkness, and how my dad used to yell when I was younger.

As soon as Pea and I walked outside, it was pouring rain. I guided her to her bus, and called Any Mountain to see if I could reschedule my interview with them. They were completely cool with it; so I got an appointment with them tomorrow at 1pm. Normally I wouldn't do that, but I wasn't properly dressed for the interview, and I wanted to be in a professionally good mood, while I do this. So hopefully this time round, I'll be fully ready and happy to be interviewed.

Anyway, after waiting for my bus to roll out and get going, I headed home.. Called my dad to let him know I was home. Didn't want to explain my situation to him over the phone, and he made it complicated for me to deal with. So I broke down for a half hour, with every thin stick within me break quickly. I haven't handled things very well.

Finally, I got warm and napped out, got food, and chatted online for a bit. Dad apologized later for his shortness with me, and we talked for a good while on & off tonight. I'm feeling better, but still emotionally sore from everything.

Sorry this is such a long entry, but that's what happens when a bad event affects me deeply. I just write, write, write.. It's been a good while since I've done a long entry like this.
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