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Annie's House, This Morning's Tiredness

I made it back to COM safely, along with Pea. I've been up since 6am, moving from one location to another, but got here at about 8am.

Relaxing with Annie, Amy, & Pea was really fun. The only downside is I've been freezing on & off since yesterday afternoon, and I didn't know that I was gonna spend the night. So I feel slightly ikky, but it'll be okay, once I get home from Any Mountain today.

i really really hope Pea's roommate is okay. just worried about her, I guess is all.

Got a Chorus recital for an hour; should be kinda fun. just no disasters, please. :-)

I'm ready for sleep, but it won't happen until I get home. i hope everyone's doing okay. if i don't post later (which who knows), then have a good weekend everyone.
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