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I Quit The Band

Everything was going great for my birthday until tonight. My folks and I had a band practice scheduled, and we got screwed over! First of all, my dad and I took an hour to pack our equipment and pack it in the truck. Then my dad, my step mom and I went to the rehearsal studio, and one of the guys that owns the studio (not in the band) told us that they saw the guys and they did band practice hours ago! I was ready to smash a wall! I was looking forward to practice tonight... The guys didn't call us to tell us what their plan was. Plus my step mom works with two of the guys from the band, and she saw them at her work today. She told them about my birthday today, and she baked two pumpkin pies for tonight and everything. There's just no excuse.

So no phone call, no note saying anything about band practice tonight. I feel used and ripped off. My dad and I decided to quit the band. Thanks a fucking lot you shitheads for doing this on MY BIRTHDAY!
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