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My Stupid Stressful Weekend

This weekend was good, busy, and bad in some points. Yesterday (Saturday), I worked for 6 hours in the morning. Then I came home fried and didn't get anything done for homework. Then today, I went to the MV library and got seven books on my Native American Cherokee Tribe paper, which is due Tuesday. Pretty useful stuff. Then my folks and I headed up to Santa Rosa and visited my step mom's sister for an hour, and went to Zone Music for another hour or two. Pretty fun until I got home and had problems with the music site for my homework. It's been down most of the time, and by the time I got done with my homework, it was 11:25 and the site let me in at 11pm. Then I tried to go back to the lesson that was due, and it was closed off, since it was a few minutes after 11:30pm. So I'm/was screwed. Still not happy with it or with myself. Lesson learned: Never leave music homework till the last day to do it. Now my folks are apologizing to me for taking me out today. We're all blaming ourselves for having fun and procrastinating.

I guess I really can't handle it. I'm gonna cry myself to sleep, too much crap to do and think about. I HATE FAILING!!
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