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Sobby Stick About To Break Any Hour...

I miss Pea and a few other friends. I just wish I wasn't so busy with homework and figuring out what to do for my stupid birthday, which is on Wednesday. I've forgotten about it and I don't want to do anything for it, really. But I'm being persuaded by my folks that I deserve something great, and I need to open myself up to great options. My dad's right, but it's hard for me to feel that way when I got a load of pressure on my shoulders every day. I guess I'm not use to it getting this intense.

What am I saying?

I have no idea; now I'm scattered and fell off the train track again. The only thing that will start to get me back on track is getting my job back at Safeway, which sounds like a great possibility. I found out yesterday that I'm eligible to go back, and I need to go in Monday for an interview, but I have to reschedule because I would have to miss Chorus. I can't afford that, plus more. So I can only do this after Chorus, and I'll be waiting for a call back on Monday to figure it out.

Why am I on the verge of tears right now? I was fine an hour ago, and I'm falling apart again. This time, it's not really my folks that's doing it to me. They're actually making me happy today. I guess I miss Pea & friends.

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