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Headache Made Me Bomb Test

I got home at about 10pm tonight, ate dinner, and joked around with my folks. And I just got done checking emails.

I'm sooo damn tired from my History Midterm. I did awful on it, but I know I did decently on the elements of the Native American Culture. I totally screwed up the second half of the test, which I forgot to study for. So I bombed it. My teacher wishes he doesn't have to grade us based on how much we know or whatever. He wanted us to see how much we could remember from the lectures and stuff. He doesn't like the idea of grading people by A, B, C, D, or F. We all agreed that it's not fair, since we don't even want to compete or anything. Ah well. It took me 3+ hours to do it; it was so hard! After I got done with my midterm, I had just missed the bus to get home. So I managed to get a ride from a friend who had a much harder time with the test than I did. Crazy stuff.

I've had a massive headache that's twice larger than a soccer ball in my head for about 9+ hours now. I'm gonna sleep good tonight, after I get done drinking this tea.

PS: My step-mom is turning on random blenders from the kitchen for nothing. She's not even cooking anything!

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