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today's past events...

I woke up at about 6am this morning and went to work at about 7am. It was really nice seeing the sun rise and working early for a change. Then I went to lunch at about noon to 1pm. Then at 1pm, I went back to work until 4pm, then went home. Man I was really tired when I went back to work after lunch! I was able to get stuff done, but I felt like I was close to falling asleep. But I got thru it without doing that!

Then at 4:30pm, I went to my temporary job and tried to help the lady out with her computer. When i got there, there were things that she expected me to know really well and some of those things i hadn't really had much experience with. I guess I wasn't much help and I confused her even more with her computer than before. SO I got paid much less than I thought. Well whatever, I learned something out of it anyway.

Hate to say this but now I'm COMPLETELY single. Yesterday I broke up with Ariel and tonight Mike broke up with me. Don't worry, it was for the best. Mike and I both felt that we haven't seen each other much lately and it would be better for us to be friends for a while. I kinda felt the same way but I was really hesititating to even bring it up because I didn't want to hurt him. But we're both really cool about this decision and nothing has changed between us, which is good. But the remaining pain's gonna be there for a while, then probably fade thru time. I'll be able to manage this, and hopefully I'll be ok.

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