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Yesterday's Adventures & Today's Possibilities

Yesterday was a light day, finally. Went to English class and finished my paper. Afterwards, I spent an hour in the English lab trying to do Vocabulary words, and I got stuck one of the words that was a name of a person. I didn't realize that until I looked the word up in the dictionary, and realized I screwed up. So I kinda gave up and decided to pick up Pea from her testing time, which I did do. Then we came to my house and hung out for a few hours and relaxed. Not much to it. Then she went home at around 5:30ish and I didn't really do much after that. My folks went camping to Bolinas last night, so it was nice just peacefully having the place to myself and not have anyone annoy me.

I talked to my boss from my temporary inventory job, and my check just got sent out yesterday; so I should get it either by today or Monday. so all's good from there. Then I talked to Spider Lily for an hour.. All I'll say is that I REALLY hope everything gets better soon.

Pea's probably gonna spend the night over here tonight, so that should be really cool. TGIF, and hope everyone's gonna have a good weekend.

PS: Hiyaz to Anne. Hope things get better for you soon too.

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