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Some Crush Quiz thing

mjz's LiveJournal Secret Crush Stats
The below statistics indicate what sorta crushes mjz has on her LJ friends!
No Crush

Secret Crush

Public Crush


What are your LiveJournal Secret Crush Stats?
Tired of the sickly Suicide Girls? Faux geek porn got you down?
Check out That Strange Girl.

Something to possibly cheer me up before I strangle my computer tonight from English homework. And it's not gonna get done by 9:30am due to stupid technical difficulties and because I'm tired and not pulling an all-nighter. I will never do any paper/essay on the computer again; they always fail to do exactly what I want them to do now, and they used to work perfecty fine for me. You can call me old-fashion, but I like doing things on a sheet of paper, because I know that I have it and it's not going to change or randomly disappear on me, unless I burn it or misplace it or whatever. I'm done trying for the night.
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