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Mellow Weekend At Home

Hmm let's see: Friday I didn't do much. Went to Chorus class and hung out with Pea a little bit. Came home, and did a few beading projects.

Saturday I did more beading projects that I'm thinking about selling this time, but I need to have a decent idea on how much people want to pay for them. So it should be interesting, if I do. After my beading stuff, I picked up Pea from the Tib Y busttop and we helped each other on some music assignments and work, which was pretty fun. After dinner, I fell asleep in the living room and woke up at 2am not knowing what was going on or what day it was. That was kinda interesting for about 5 minutes. My step mom was still up, and she wanted me to teach her a simple Reggae song on a keyboard by UB40. It's fun teaching someone a song on a keyboard that I haven't even attempted to play at all, yet pick it up once and teach it to someone else for an hour. So I didn't get to bed till 4:30am, but it was worth it.

Then today, I caught up on music homework and kinda chilled for most of the afternoon. So it wasn't a bad weekend afterall. Although for some reason, I'm emotionally sensitive tonight. I don't know why. I might get my long hair trimmed a little bit tonight, but it'll be nice... I hope everyone else had a pretty good weekend. Peace.
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