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Bad English Class, Bad Dream, What's Going On...

This morning was just horrible in my English class. My English teacher (apparently new this year) messed up everyone's grades and tests for the semester, leaving everyone almost failing the damn class. I was supposed to get an A-. Instead, I'm getting a C- because he's denying my test scores and such. I'm gonna talk to him again tomorrow and see if he'll see where he made the mistakes, because I've been keeping track of all the assignments turned in and tests I've taken and my scores for all of that stuff. There's just no excuse.

My history class was not bad, kinda relaxing. At least it was one of the things that cheered me up from a stupid day.

Also I came home this afternoon to rest my head from English crap. So I napped a bad dream for a few hours, almost being late for my history class and made it on time. I dreamt that my front teeth were falling out and that I was never going to eat again. Lovely dream. *sarcasm*

Also I'm wondering, did someone pass away from Tam High today or something? i kinda read that somewhere, and wondering if it's true & what's going on with it, since I don't go there anymore and haven't visited there in a month or so... I just hope it's not a friend that I may have hung out with once or something. if it's true, then Rest In Peace.
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