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Bad Yesterday, Better Today

Yesterday was the worst day ever, so far this week. Major cramps all day that made me wanna die, and later getting yelled at by my folks a few times for being cranky and according to my dad, childish and irresponsible. Great, thanks. Not to mention we're all broke again, which adds to our stress for the week. But i'm expecting a few checks to come in this week, so hopefully I'll be okay before Friday.

Today was much better. Less physical pain and haven't gotten yelled at from my dad so far. I managed to get a few things accomplished within the projects I'm doing outside of school for this weekend. I just hope those things work out too, since I have so much crap going on and i've been out of focus lately.

Counting down 3-4 more days till I go to LA with Pea, hoping it's still on and happening. Time to rest and plow through the rest of the week and do my best.
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