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School Life's Taking A Hard Turn For Me

Well I didn't go to LA this weekend, because plans got moved around. Pea did have her party, but I'm gonna go to LA with her next weekend to run into a few famous people that I'm keeping a surprise for now. So I'm recounting the days now. It's 5-6 more days. :-)

Anyway, this past week has been hard for me, and Pea helped me through it all. I have been struggling in Astronomy and took a test in it that I'm sure i failed. But oh well. I can't help it, but I do need to play catch up in the class so I can do better, hopefully.

English class is getting harder, but I'm dealing and I'm doing okay in it luckily. My online music class has had it's ups and downs this weekend, which I don't feel like getting into, but I think I'm back on good terms for now.

I worked today, which wasn't too bad. I was rusty in the inventory thing, but it was nice to get back into the swing of that work anyway. My unemployment claim ended a week ago, so I'm gonna start looking for real work in music/movie/book stores and I'm also gonna keep my eye open for movie theaters too, for a temporary thing. We'll see how it goes.

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