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Falling Behind, No Time Alone. Not A Great Day So Far.

I don't know why I'm so irate right now, but I am. Maybe it's because I've had so much homework from english class to do and other classes I'm worried about that I'm falling in the cracks at the moment. Not good. I haven't started my Astronomy stuff and I'm screwed. I have a test this week on 6 chapters of material I haven't started on. Freaking great! I should just drop the class, but it's too late now.

I also forgot that I had to start doing my research paper in Native American History, and I can't find much of anything on the Cherokee tribe that I'm doing my paper on, which is due in 2 weeks!!! Plus I still haven't purchased the two books for the class, because I heard that they're all gone, everywhere you go or search. Just great!

Also, I haven't got my space yet today. Lately, I run into stupid people that I don't feel like dealing with and I'm sick of it. Pea's cool, and I actually wanted to see her this afternoon. But she was nowhere to be found. Whatever; I'll see her tomorrowz anyway. But I'm thinking about taking a walk to Tam so I can be by myself and maybe see some pleasant friends from there. Who knows.

Other than that, I'm ready for this weekend. 3 more days till the party!

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