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Pea's Visit, Her B-day Stuff, & Homework

Today wasn't bad, but it was just kinda weird, I guess. I had chorus class and visitied Pea too. We both came back to my place, which was outrageously hot, and hung out most of the time till after dinner. She met my dad last Friday and my step-mom today. Most of the time, we talked about politics, which I wasn't in the mood for. But oh well, it happened. Tomorrow is Pea's birthday, so I'm gonna make something nice for her; hope she likes it. :-)

Also, I'm gonna go to LA for Pea's big birthday party this weekend, and I'll be meeting some famous people, which is something I've never dreamed of doing ever. Everything's been confirmed and it's gonna happen!! Woohoo to that! :-) I'll mention it all, when I come back. Counting down 4 more days till i go! :-)

Back to dumb English & Astronomy homework and some studying for tomorrow and later tests of the week. Mondays are hard enough to get back into the groove of things.
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