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Money, Ex's, Party Next Weekend, Power Outage

I finally got my unemployment check today, but still broke. I can't cash it at Safeway anymore, since they changed their policies on me, so my dad's gonna cash it for me. I better get it by today because I still need to buy my Astronomy book tomorrow, and I got lots of studying to do for next Saturday's exam.

I also found out today that my claim's running out a lot earlier than expected. So I'm gonna be money tight till October, which sucks. Tomorrow, I'm gonna apply for a bumch of jobs and see if I can start working on the weekends and any other time that I'm not in school. Now's the time to start covering my own butt on a few bills and think about whether I'm gonna move out of my apt by January of what's gonna happen. I have more thinking & figuring out to do so that I'm happy and everything works out.

Besides my money problems, I've been constantly busy with school and homework and whatnot. So I've kinda forgotten to post in here. Other than that, life is basically good.

I ran into my other ex-b/f (Alex A). We hung out at Jamba Juice and hacky-sacked for a while until it was time for him to jet home. It was cool catching up with him. I've also been talking on the phone with my other ex-b/f (Yuji) that I hung out with on Sunday. I guess we're gonna hang out on Halloween and wander around in the city. So that'll be fun. Oh yeah! I might be going down to see him this Sunday so we can figure out our costumes for Halloween. Should be fun.

Next weekend, I've been invited from a friend that's in my chorus class to go down to Beverly Hills and spend the weekend with her and party out! I hope I get to go, if I can afford it. There's gonna be some special musicians playing there, and I can't mention it here since it's actually a private party. But I hope that the famous band that I meet is gonna happen. If not, then bummer. I'm not gonna dwell on it too much really.

Oh Yeah! Tuesday night, the electricity to my block went out for a few hours, and I still have no idea why. At first, I thought it was just our apartment. But minutes later, I realized the whole complex was out too. Then I found out today that the whole block went out of power because the clock on the corner of my block was wrong.

Anyways, I'm out. Laterz

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