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Hot, Interesting, Social Friday

Interesting day today. I freaked out at 8:30am this morning, thinking it was a Thrusday instead of a Friday, which meant I thought I had an early English class I thought I was gonna be late for. But that was totally not the case. After a minute of figuring out what day it was, I finally went back to sleep till 10am. Then got up, got ready to leave, left, got some food to eat, and went to my Chorus class. Great fun. After that, I spent 45 minutes finishing up on some English Homework junk, and left the college.

I had decided to visit Tam High this afternoon. So I did. Not much going on there. So I went to Jamba Juice/Starbucks and hung out with some buddies for a few hours. Came home drained, hot, & feeling dead physically. Since I walked too hard on the way home, I got a huge blister on my foot from my sandals. Ah well...

Haven't done much since then except nap out and trying to stay cool. OH YEAH! My ex-b/f called me and we caught up with each other for an hour. He came out to me too, which I think is totally awesome! He thought I was gonna be against it, but now we're both bisexual, which is great. I might see him on Sunday and he's gonna treat me to dinner and just hang out and catch up some more. I can't wait to see him; it's been months since I last saw him. He's grown up so incredibly much, it's great. I told him about Unipeg, and he's happy with it all too. So everything is on good terms for now. I'll update on how our reuniting went.

I'm getting real sleepy, so I might go to bed earlier than usual. I think the heat from the day has worn me out, I dunno.

PS: RIP to Johnny Cash & John Ripper. I don't know John Ripper at all, other than he's an actor (I think). But it sucks that Johnny's gone. I'm not a big fan of him, but it's sad to hear/see famous musicians & other famous people have their journeys end. :-(
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