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Tuesday, Yesterday, & Today's Events

Wow, Haven't updated since Monday. Busy trying to get thru school life, which is slow.

I forget what happened Tuesday, but I went to my English class and realized there are a few things in the class I didn't understand. So I lived and will learn from it. I can't remember what happened for the rest of the day.

Wednesday, left a half hour early from my place to go to the College. There was a random black guy that came up to me and started hitting on me, which made me so uncomfortable. Reminded me of a couple of bad things that happened to me when I was 14. Not mentioning it here. Anyways, I called Unipeg to tell her what happened to me, and she cheered me up. Then I went to Chorus class and was in the process of learning a difficult, new song. It's really complex, but once everyone works on their parts, it's gonna sound really pretty. After that, I went to my English Lab to do my hw and get help on some things I didn't understand. Got a lot done. Then I went home and my folks went camping on Mt. Tam for the night and I was home alone! Great times! Watched a great movie that I just forgot the name of, but it's based on a true story. I'll think of the name later. Did various things afterwards and stayed up till 4am just having fun being alone.

Dragged myself out of bed by 7am this morning, slowly got ready, and got outta here at 8:30am. Went to English class from 9:30am till noon. Flunked a quiz, and flunked on a vocab homework because I didn't understand the instructions that were verbally given to me for both things. So I get to make them up next week, which is great, since I'm trying too hard and flunking this class. Despite my huge disappointment from this morning, I picked up my Astronomy Workbook from a friend that had it. So I bought it from her, and I'm gonna buy the second Astronomy book from her next week, when I get paid. So that was a nice score.

Came home in sweat and realized my folks were still not home. So I ran around like my legs were about to get chopped off and got a bunch of immediate chores done. Then I slept the whole afternoon away beacuse it was so damn hot and I couldn't deal with anything. The Unipeg called me which was a very sweet awakening. :-) Also talked to my mom, which was a great conversation.

Back to Unipeg for a sec. I thought it'd be cool if Unipeg came over to my place for the weekend, but my folks didn't approve which sucks royally. So i'll have to see her another way, but I'm not sure when.

Today was just a difficult day because of what happened 2 years ago, so I'm especially emotionally sensative to everything, which I can't help. i think it's the environment in the air and thinking about a lot of things that are both good and not so great.

Time to relax for a bit now. Ta Ta.
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