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Music, Then My Folks

The whole day, I did absolutely nothing until this evening. Hung out with Francisco and jammed on a few of his songs, and worked on my song that i wrote a week ago, and figured out how it's gonna work, which is good. Then he drove me back home, and assumed that my folks were home, since their cars were here.

Walked in the house to find that my folks had disappeared. I looked for them and called dad's cell, and nothing. Then two ambulances drove up here to the complexes and I freaked out, thinking something horrible happened to my folks. I started bawling, thinking my folks got killed or something. Tried to calm myself down by watching an episode of Boy Meets World, but it didn't help. Chatted with Spider Lily for a bit, then my folks came home at about 10pm. It turned out that my dad's phone didn't work when I tried to call him, so he never got my call or voicemail. Man, I'm sick of our Sprint phones being screwed up. Then Unipeg came online and now I'm chatting with both of them. Might chat with others later.

Gonna have some tea, and wipe the extra tears away. At least a few good things are making me feel better right now, thanks to my folks, Spider Lily, Unipeg, and Francisco. I love you all.
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