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Music Talk, COM Related Stuff, Mail.

Apparently there's band practice tomorrow. Not sure if we're going electric or acoustic because Francisco's having trouble with his guitar, and in the process of fixing it. So we'll see how it goes. I gotta call Brees and see if he'll be up for practice tomorrowz. Wow, this'll be kinda cool if it all works out, I can't wait.

Besides music stuff, I went to an Astronomy Orientation thing at COM at 8am this morning. Very short time to know what the Televised class is going to be about and how everything else works. So it should be kinda neat.

I've been dragging all day, feeling tired and wanting to sleep the day off, but I realized I need to get some homework done sometime today. It's hard to get myself motivated to get this stuff done, especially when I've been extremely sleepy all day. And I only went to bed at about 1am, I think, and not 3 or 4am. Oh well.

I finally got my check this morning, which is great. Now I can pay for most of my books by Monday, and be even more prepared. :-) Good times. What I've realized this week is the daily mail has been weird and unstable, it seems like. Everyone's been getting their mail late and wondering what's going on. So it's not just my folks and I that are going through this stuff. But I hope mail deliveries get back to being stable soon. I can't have my mail come in 3 days later than it should be.

Anyways, enough of my stories for ya. Gonna go back to studying music stuff, and finish writing a new song from a week ago..
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