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LJ Skin, Money/Books, Only On Tuesdays Tonight

I hate to say, but the new LJ skin sucks. I like the old one better, so I'm hoping I can customize to keep it.

On other news, still no check. Called their office, and apparently it mailed out yesterday. So we'll see what happens. I'll get my books on Monday whether I have that check or not.

I going to the Oasis tonight for the last time, to see Only On Tuesdays. I can't believe they aren't gonna play out and around anymore, but I can't stop them. I also heard that Colin & Blaine joined Panopticon (sp?); hopefully they're a good band. The question now is, what's gonna happen to Chris & Aaron? Ah well, OOT was great while they lasted.

Time to eat something, then take off to San Rafael. Laterz.
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