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Money Problem, & My Day...

Well I still didn't get my check. Therefore, I still cannot get my 6 books needed for this semester. If I don't get my check by tomorrow, then I'm gonna call their office and complain to them. Either that or take my whole weekend off to look for good work and cancel my unemployment. I know I need to do that sometime soon, but i may have to do this sooner than I think, otherwise I can't go on with my current future goals I'm going for.

Anyway, dad stayed home & my step mom apparently worked all day on her day off! Not pleased with that, but whatever.

Had English class for 3 hours, came home, didn't do much till an hour ago. Watched Proud Family and Boy Meets World. And here I am, just dealing with a boring day, trying to get through it. Maybe I'll get bored enough to get some English & History homework done early so I don't have to do it for the weekend. We'll see.

OH Yeah! I need to arrange Band practice this weekend or next week. I'm not used to this, but it'll be fun.

PS: I'm finding out that Hilary Duff isn't all that bad. Her music's good to listen to, and I might buy her CD in a month from now, when my money situation is back on track.
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