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Crazy COM Day

This morning, I juggled with my classes some more, registered for English class, went there for 3 hours, then went home and watched Boy Meets World. Kinda boring life, huh... Then I went back to COM, paid for the rest of my registration stuff since I didn't bring enough money with me earlier to pay for one unit added to my semester schedule.

Then at 6:30pm, I went to my Native American History class, which was awesome. Got a new teacher that I realized I had seen at Tam High a few times in English/Poetry classes. Then got out of class at 9:30pm, and got home an hour or so later. Ever since I got home, I've been having hunger-stomach problems, which is currently getting worse, and I'm eating & drinking something. Ah well, maybe I just need sleep. With that said, I'm gonna end with a quote that's been stuck in my head on & off today from Boy Meets World.

"I don't wanna die, before I know what woe is!!" - Shawn Hunter scared by Frankie - from BMW.
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