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Single Again; New Music Stuff

Unfortunately, I'm just not ready to be in any relationship with anyone right now. I need time to breathe, to get back onto my own path. But it never ever means that I want to lose friends or hurt them, but I wish some people could understand how I truly feel about life, friends, etc. Unipeg does, hopefully. I'm sure a few of my friends do too, but I also got another problem to deal with, and I just need to take a few steps back mentally and see what's going on, maybe figure out the big picture that I'm missing. Or maybe I'm overanalyzing things and don't realize it.

On a totally different topic of things, I just got myself in a band with two pretty cool guys my age. I just met them at the Music Festival at COM, and we jammed on our guitars for hours. All we need to do is find a decent drummer who's into Punk Rock & Modern Rock stuff. Then we're set. So I guess I'm on a new, unfamiliar path that's gonna take a while to adjust to. But it'll be fun.
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