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Accomplished Stuff

I forgot to update yesterday, but it's cool. So yesterday, I got the rest of my COM registration paid off, and bought a book for my online music class. I need to get Astronomy books, but my folks are gonna take care of that, since they're gonna take the class with me. Cool deal. I also got my COM ID which is great because I never got one last year. I'm pleased with the way it came out, and it was free.

Today I was lazy, got up late, and went to my Chorus class. It was fun, but the class is so damn full, and I'm not use to it. After class, I came home and did a Boy Meets World Marathon thing for myself. Hilarious episodes, man. lol

I miss Spider Lily & my g/f. Hope things are getting better for them. Time to nap out, since I'm just the lazy one today.
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