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The Most Drama In One Day

So much drama happened today. Had to deal with my class registrations, and finish paying off sorta an expensive fee by tomorrow. That is if I want to change my schedule at all! This system is getting harder by the semester; it's ridiculous. Then there was this weird guy at the college that kept talking about his time spent in jail, and all the stupid stuff he's done in his life. BORING!! But he had an acoustic guitar with him, so he kept on singing weird blues tunes he made up, so that was kinda interesting. After a while, he was spooking me out, so i bailed outta the college quick, and came home. So many people noticed me at the college today, it was crazy. I kinda wished I could be invisible there, and get my privacy whenever I'd like. But oh well, it's cool.

After coming home, i had to deal with more drama with some people, which is finally dying down. I'm not gonna talk about it, but I guess I'm glad it's over.

i'm gonna have a cup of tea, kick back for a bit, and put some of the stupid stress behind me for now. I just want to be happy tonight.
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