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Dream, Yesterday, And Today's Crapiness

Had a strange but interesting dream this morning. I dunno what was going on prior to what I remember. But it kinda started out where I went to Aaron's house to meet up with Colin & Blaine later. After running into my folks up the road, Aaron, Blaine, Colin, & I drove up from Petaluma to somewhere between Lake County & Nevada County (I had no idea where we were at this point) to some well-known venue that teens would go to all the time. After an hour or so of driving, we were finally there and paid our admissions, and hung out in this small dance room. My folks showed up later. Apparently, there was supposed to be some live bands playing, but no one played. I had ran into some rude people I used to go to middle-school with, and that's when I decided I didn't like this place. So I walked into another dance room where live bands were supposed to be performing, and there was no one in that room! So I walked out onto a big balcony under the stars, trying to catch my breath. Suddenly, there were a couple of guys with Bibles in their hand trying to baptise me, for some reason that I don't understand. Everyone was outside, for some reason. Anyway, weird dream with no point in it.

Besides that, I went to the Strawberry Festival thing yesterday, and saw a cool band called Key Lime Pie play for 4 hours, right by Ideals Staioners. I could hear them all the way from my place, so I decided to check them out. Good music played, and free stuff! I had won a Key Lime Pie (which I gave to my folks, since I didn't like it), a balloon, and Mardi Gras necklaces. Barely anyone showed up, except for a few guys I ran into from Tam High. But it was a great way to spend a Saturday. :-)

Unfortunately, today's shot. I got major stomach problems (worse than stomach aches I got at Spider Lily's place) so I need to take it easy. But I also need to get some stuff ready for school/classes, since I start tomorrow morning. Ugh.

Okay, gotta quit writing since I've been trying to do this entry for an hour or so, and still not feeling well.
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