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Guitar Adventure Day

After realizing that my ukelele strings were no longer as good as they used to be two years ago, I decided to go to Tiburon and get a fresh set of strings. It was my first time putting my own set of strings on it plus taking it apart & cleaning everything and touching it up a little bit. I'm glad I did all of that, because now it sounds like a mini version of a new acoustic guitar. It rings more, sounds cleaner, and feels easier to play! Gawd I love it now. I couldn't believe how I got so used to how crappy this sounded like and how it played. But it doesn't mean that I'm not gonna get a new acoustic guitar. I just need to save up a whole lot of money to get a particular one that I saw in Tiburon, which sounds great too! It's my size, and I just love the ring on it. But I'll definitely be looking around to other music stores to see if there's any other guitars that are better than this one. So we'll see.

When I took my ukelele with me to see which strings I needed for it, some random people my age saw it and immediately got attached to playing it just on 3 strings. It was crazy and amusing, but fun too. On the bus ride to Tiburon, some freshman guy from Tam played my ukelele and tried to do some of Jimi Hendrix's guitar solos on it. He kept getting frustrated since he couldn't do everything on it, but he was just awesome on it though.

Sorry to ramble so much about it. But I'm starting to realize more & more that music and guitars are a big part of my life now. That's besides friends, girls, and well... you get my drift. Right?
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