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Today was okay, not too exciting... I got up kinda late this morning but that was actually ok. I decided this morning not to take the city bus to school like I usually do. Instead, I walked to school and I'm glad I did. I needed the exercise and it wasn't too cold out this morning. So it was a nice walk! =)

I saw Simon today but he didn't show up for math class today, neither did his buddy Benn. I think they had baseball practice or something... Oh well.

My first class (20th Century) went well - watched the rest of Slaughterhouse Five and analyzed both the movie and the book. I have an essay I have to do for next Monday, damn! I hate essays and our teacher especially grades us hard on them. So I need to do extra well on it...

My second class (Chorus) was okay, could've been better. I need to come up with a song I'm going to sing for the Solo Ensemble (sp?) Concert, which is next Wednesday, YIKES! I'm kinda screwed! I was thinking about perforning either of these songs:
Live - Turn My Head
Edwin McCain - I'll Be
Rod Stewart - Reason To Believe
I'm not sure which song to do and I need to rehearse it with my piano accompianist and possibly my dad. That is, if he's gonna play with me at the concert... Who knows!

Then Lunchtime was good. I got to see Mike @ Starbucks and he was as busy as usual, taking care of customers in line... Just as well, because i had to leave there early to get back to school, so I could work on my science presentation that was due today.

Then my 3rd class (Intergrated Science 3/4) rolled around the corner. I did a few last minute touch ups on my presentation, then presented for the class. I'm hoping I did well on it too. I put so much effort in the last few days preparing for this, so I'm hoping to get an A or a B at least. Then after that, I watched everyone else's presentations. Some were ok and a few of them were actually really good! I was a bit impressed overall with many people's presentations, they were good.

Then the last stupid class of the day - Geometry!! :-( Kinda lonely w/o Simon there to help me out, but that's ok i guess. Got my hw done and got some help too! So it wasn't actually that bad in there today.

After school: I went to Starbucks again and saw Mike and his mom there. We all talked for a bit and then they took me to Safeway so I could pick up my check. I got paid PLUS I got my damn watch back!!!!! I never thought that I'd get it back because I remember taking it out to wind it to the correct date, and I had setted it in my pocket. Next thing I knew, it was gone, and I started assuming that it might've landed in someone's shopping bag... Maybe it did and someone came to return it, but who knows. Anyway, that's the hilight of my day.

Right now I'm eating left-over pizza from last night, writing in here, and almost about to fall asleep as I type. So I'm gonna rest my tired eyes a bit. YAY no school tomorrow!

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