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Last Night's Roller Coaster & Today's Recovery From Everything :-)

I finally made it home by 11am this morning.

Last night was good and bad at the same time. Watched some Yu-Yu episodes with Spider Lily & Luna for a bit. After that, Luna & Salyx went to bed while Spider Lily & I stayed up till 2am-3am trying to deal with a current problem that I can't talk about right now. It has nothing to do with me, but Spider Lily's going thru some difficult things right now, and I was there for her a much as I could. No deaths. But I just really hope she's feeling better today, and nothing else gets bad for her, since I care about her.

This weekend wasn't strong enough to handle everyone's problems, including frantic problems that apparently happened here at home while I was gone. But everything's fine now.

Anyway Luna, Spider Lily, & I woke up bright early, got ready to leave for Santa Rosa, and left as soon as Dan came. Everything was fine; getting to my busstop was fine; and getting home was fine too.

Now I'm extremely pooped and my right arm is giving out on me, so I need to rest.
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