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Vacation So Far...

Got to Spider Lily's house in good hands. Tuesday and Wednesday, we lazed around, then went to the beach around 5pm or so. Hung out with her sister and her friend on both days, and swam, which was really fun! I kept having stomach problems on & off along with minor headaches. Other than that, it's been really fun chilling at Spider Lily's place.

Today, I went down to Santa Rosa with Spider Lily & her parents for some stuff. Ran into Haley (Jordan's friend)since she was with a friend as well picking up with books and such. Cool coincidence! Anyway, an hour or so after that, Spider Lily & I met up with Dan & Luna Ruby and browsed the mall, and bought a few things. Fun times. After being at the mall for a couple hours, we sat down to some food, then headed back up to Spider Lily's place. Dan couldn't stay at all, so he dropped the three of us off to hang out and such. Really fun! What broke my fun times was talking to my mom over the phone. Got into an argument with her about plans for tomorrow, Saturday, & Sunday. Long story, but I ended up getting emotionally upset with her changing her mind on me and more stuff. So I gotta call her back tomorrow morning and let her know when I'm leaving Spider Lily's place to go to a concert thing, then go to her house afterwards. Whatever though. As soon as I'm done writing in here, I gotta call my dad and tell him how things are going. I miss my folks.

Tomorrow, Spider Lily & I are gonna go to Lakeport to see this concert thing. I'll be meeting Unipeg there and more people, which will be awesome. I cannot wait to meet her!! :-) Kinda not sure what I can do with the situation with my mom currently. She says she wants to spend time with me, which I understand. But it'd be nice if my friends were with me in case something bad happened between my mom & I.

Saturday, I have no clue what's going on. Sunday, I'm kinda not sure what's going on either, but I know I'm leaving mom's place to possibly go to Luna Ruby's place and spend the night there. Monday morning, I'm going home. :-( Ah weel, it's been fun so far. I just don't want any bad stuff to happen anymore. It was bad enough I got emotionally unsable today in front of my friends, which is embarrassing. But I want to be happy when I get to my mom's place too.

Anyway, that's my vacation so far. Will probably update when I get home. Hugs & love to you all.
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