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Today's Overview, Things To Do, Vacation Talk

Sorta strange things today. Woke up at about 11am, just missing my dad leave for woek by a minute or two.. :-( Ah well. Got a bunch of stuff accomplished before it got really hot in my house, so that was definitely a great thing. Then around 6pm, dad came home and told me that my step-mom's cousin is in the hospital and things are getting worse over there. I guess he's had AIDS for years. :-( Got me depressed for a while, even if I don't know him that well. So my folks went to the SF hospital to see how his conditions are. Not sure when they're coming back.

After my folks left, I called Spider Lily and felt better talking to her. Then napped out for an hour or so, did laundry, and now I gotta finish packing. All that's left is clothes, then I'm set.

To Do:
1. Read left over emails I've put off reading. (Mostly yahoo music forums digests :-))
2. Read last chapter of story, and write review.
3. Finish packing; get everything ready for tomorrow morning.
4. Go to bed no later than midnight. Sleep is seriously needed.
Anything else I'm forgetting?

Anyway, I'll be outta here early tomorrow morning and visiting Lake County, the county I used to live in 4 years ago. Joy. Memories. Will post when I get there. I'll be back home on the 18th of August. Love you all.

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