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Yesterday's Adventures, Today's Boringness

Yesterday was a good day, despite the fact the weather was cloudy at times, but whatever. I finally registered for my classes by phone, and I'll get my schedule and confirmation in the mail hopefully soon. I tried to do it online, but it didn't work. Anyways, it's all done.

In the afternoon, I went for a 3 hour long walk around the bay, collected a few feathers and found a small park in the sand on Strawberry. It was really great to be out of the house for a bit and explore on my own. I wish I could do this every day, except in the morning when the sun is peeking out and just warming up. I love that.

Ordered pizza after that, and watched a movie called "Pete's Meteor." Pretty good movie. Finished "Joy In The Morning" that I've been reading most of the summer. Now I'm reading two things at the same time: a book I recently bought called "Nerd In Shining Armor," and an online story that Spider Lily wrote, which I forget what it's called. Really good so far. I guess I'm just a reading maniac! lol

Today, I was supposed to finish a music project with a friend in Richmond, but plans fell through at the last minute. Now I just wish I wasn't here because I'm bored and also wish it was next week. I just want to be at Spider Lily's house already and hang out with her. I want to do something different for once.
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