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Birthday Time

I'd like to wish the following people a happy birthday for today and this month:

Joshers - 4th (today).- I've known you the longest since I first got my LJ. Thanks for always being a great friend, and for having a great website that's gay-friendly. :-)
Alex - 8th (Friday) - Haven't seen you much this year, so I hope all is well with you. Maybe I'll run into you at a show... Keep on rockin' out!
Spider_Lily - 10th (Sunday) - I'm finally glad you got a LJ. And yes, I'm reading up on your story today and so far I really like it. Thanks for always sticking with me through the great times and even through the worst times ever. Definitely can't wait to see you this coming week!!
Tiffany - 15th (Friday) - I don't know you very well, but I hope things have been going great with you this summer.
Catling - 16th (Saturday) - I'm really happy for you about your new apt! I know I may not interact with you online much, but I think you're a cool cat!! Keep on being your cool self, and always have a good time. :-)


If there's anyone else that I missed, then happy birthday to you guys & gals too!
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