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dream last night

Sorry I didn't write last night or yesterday at all - I was too burned out from the day and didn't feel like doing much of anything. I stayed up till about 1 in the morning chatting with Ariel about nromal stuff, ya know.. I finally went to bed and had a REALLY good dream about Simon! Oooh la la!!

In the dream, we were starting to know each other better and talk more, which was great! Lately I've been too shy in real life to carry a conversation with Simon, so I don't even try... I guess that's kinda bad on my part but oh well...


For the rest of the dream, Simon was practically reading my mind. Somehow he knew right off the bat that I liked him a lot! So we talked about some stuff, got a little close, and that was it. It felt so good to me, and it was different. But it's only a dream and I know that it probably won't happen in real life... :-( That's ok I guess... OMG speaking of Simon, he just walked by the library just now! *Chills going up & down my spine* WOAH!

Ok I think I'm tripping or something... Time to get to class.

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