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Walk, Phone Talk, Dinner

Feeling better now. Took a walk to a nearby lake in Strawberry, which was really nice. Next time I walk over there, I need to explore to some little paths that go around the sea and go into some forest places. I wanted to do that today, but it started to sprinkle, so I turned around and walked back home. It was nice to get out and do something though. I need to exercise more and get a little bit back into shape, since I feel physically inbalanced.

I decided to call CW and say hi to him. We caught up on stuff and talked about what could happen to me in 6 months from now, which I'm not going to reveal yet until it's been confirmed.

Dinner sucked. My folks got a take-out chinese food at Tam Junction (I think) and the food was undercooked and way runny. The only thing that was decent rice. Ah well.

Sleepy time for me; gotta work early tomorrow morning. Chow.

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