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Events From Wednesday To Today

I forget the last time I wrote in here this week, but my folks came home from Jamaica safe and sound Wednesday night. My brother from the city drove them back and we spent a few hours talking about their trip and looking at different treasures they brought back. Really cool stuff. Didn't get to bed till 4 or 5am.

Thursday, I went to Waterworld with Kelly, her uncle, her brother, and her brother's friend. On the way over there, we got lost in Concord trying to find the place, but after an hour of looking for it and getting different directions from different people, we found it. It was quite fun once we got there at about 2pm. There are still a bunch of slides I didn't get a chance to get on, but it was still great. Very expensive, but I'd go again. We left the park at about 6:30 and went back to Kelly's house, ordered pizza, and kicked back for most of the night.

Yesterday (Friday), I did absolutely nothing at Kelly's place. We all sorta sat around watched boring stuff on TV and I napped out a few times during the day. Time went by quickly and it was close to dinner time. Kelly wasn't feeling too well, so I decided to go home after dinner, and let her get better.

After getting back here last night, my folks showed me this long video of them being in Jamaica. It was really cool stuff, overall. I started dozing off near the end (I think) and suddenly it was midnight! So I dragged myself to bed and forgot to turn the lights off and woke up at 4am with them still on. I had never felt this tired in a long time.

Woke up at around noon today and having slight neck problems and a headache. Not as bad as it was on my birthday, but I just need to be a little careful with my neck today. My day schedule is messed up in my head, because i keep on thinking today's Friday, not Saturday. But oh well.

Time to make tea and avoid ants. Hope everyone's having a great weekend so far. :-) Hugs and love to y'all!

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