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too much shit!

Ok, Today was a very annoying day! I barely got my hw done for today, but handed in what I had so far. I was surprised that I still got full credit for what I had so far. I guess our teacher decided to loosen up and let us show him what we're done so far. We'll be adding more to this hw later on, so I'll still be able to finish this assignment as well.

I can't remember if I mentioned this before but today was actually a Friday schedule and we have this Friday off from school, I have no idea hwy. Sounds fine with me. Anyway, since today was a Friday schedule, things were kinda screwy and certain things didn't go my way.

One thing that got me extremely pissed off for almost the rest of the day was my tutorial teacher decided to nail people left and right. In our school, we're allowed to listen to our walk/discmans to school and sometimes in class too, depending on the teacher. My teacher's always cool with people listening to their music and stuff like that, during class. But SHE decided to tell people to take them off so we can experiment how it's like to not have them on in her class. Lemme tell you something: It fucking sucks! People around me were loud, I couldn't concentrate on what I was doing, I've had a major headache ever since then too! ARGH!!!! I seriously cannot live without my music, and it keeps me sane and focused on what I'm doing. Without it, I feel like I'm going to explode out of my brains or somthing close to that anyway. So that being said, my teacher's never going to make me not listen to my music, that's one thing that gets me very mad easily. Anyway enough of that...

For those of you that didn't hear about it yet, there was a high school shooting down in San Diego, near Ariel's school, actually. Some 15 or 16 yr old asshole guy decided to shoot a bunch of people, injuring a lot of high schoolers and killing 2 of them. One of those people happened to be Ariel's friends. I just can't fucking believe it! Another thing to piss me off! Why the hell do stupid people do shit like this?!? Even though I had absolutely nothing to do with this, I also felt really deep sorrow and pain for the families of the kids that were hurt and killed. So my condolences goes out to them. :-(

I'm gonna relax and let my head process all of this crap from today. I'm hoping tomorrow will be a better day for all of us.

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