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Almost Sick, More Ants, This Afternoon's Stuff

My apartment is still raging hot in here, even with windows and the back door open. It's cool outside, but maybe it's also me heating up. I'm starting to have signs of a sore throat tonight, so I'm sticking to water and simple fruits for tomorrow. I ate too much crappy food today, which might be the cause of my sore throat, i dunno.

I still got nasty ants spreading the kitchen walls. I'm having to go to the kitchen every hour or so and clean it up, which is not fun. Seems like they're just having babies or something and making me feel powerless, because it's endless!

I went out to two parks and did a couple of errands this afternoon. Went to Best Buy and bought the Rolling Stones - Emotional Rescue. Great album! I was chilling in one of the parks afterwards and one of my best friends, Jen, called me. It was really good to talk to her, even though she's dealing with some rough stuff with her other friends at the moment. I don't want to say more about it, since it's kinda complicated and personal, I guess. I hope things work out for the best though. I'm not sure if she reads my journal or not, but I want her to know that I'll always be her good friend forever and stick by her, no matter what.

I mean, hey - Mick Jagger & Keith Richards have been best friends for about 50 years, and probably will always be until they die. So I think of the same thing with Jen and other friends of mine too.

I'm gonna take a night shower and sneak into my cozy bed for the night. Peace out. :-)
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