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My Weekend In NY & Pennsilvania

I got home yesterday from New York and Pennsilvania over the weekend. Could've been better times in New York, but I think I'll go back there and try to enjoy it better. Went to where the WTC was, and it was so depressing. It got me wound up most of the time I spent in New York. Then my folks and i went down to Pennsilvania to see my grandpa and meet my half brother and my 3 nieces. i'm sooo attached to them, omg! I had the best time hanging out with all of them, and it was my first time ever feeling like I have a full family I can bond with really well. I especially miss my nieces, and I'm hoping for them to come visit me in August before school starts back up again. They've never been to California before, so I wanted them to have a taste of what's here. I have some pictures to develop of the whole weekend plus other stuff from last month, so I might post some of it here.

My half bro just called me to make sure I made it home safely, which I did. I actually like flying, because I had a slight fear for flying ever since 9/11. But it's not that bad, really. Flying home alone was awesome. Slept most of the flight, but it was really nice.

OH YEAH! I got to the Oakland Airport Saturday night, got thru security and was about to go to the gate that leads to my plane, and that's when I ran into CoRri and Ben!! That was just great! :-) I had forgotten they had to take Nick back, since he was going home, but it's all good.

So that's my weekend for ya. As much as I'm not crazy about California, it's REALLY nice to be back home. I missed it more than anything else.

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