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Swim Day 2, Project, Looking Out For Josie

Went swimming again today. No injuries this time. :-) Went down the waterslide a bunch of times, and some other little girls started getting attached to me until their mothers told them they had to go with their moms. Fun times though. I got bored rather quickly, and came home from there. Still drenching hot here. About 110 degrees inside, as we speak.

I gotta finish a project for mom and mail it off to her soon. But I'll wait till the sun goes down more.

My thoughts and wishes go out to a good friend, Josiepop. I just found out last night that she was in a car wreck about a month ago, I think. She's doing some therapy, so hopefully she'll be okay. So give her some support, and hope that she recovers quickly. Hugs.

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