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Hotness, Swimming & Foot Drama

Today's another hot one...

Yesterday I went swimming at the Rec Center for a few hours or so. It was lots of fun until I bashed my left foot on the side of the pool ground. And you're probably wondering, how did that happen? Well I was playing with a couple of little girls that were showing me their favorite underwater tricks in a very small area of the pool. I started playing a game with them, and I was supposed to swim from one side to the other creatively. The length was too narrow for me to paddle my legs, and I was too close to the side of the pool, and that's how I messed up my foot. Then it was time to call it quits for the day, after swimming for hours and going on the waterslide a bunch of times. Overall, I had a good time.

I just need to take care of my foot, since I bruised it big time.

Oh well, enough on my foot drama. Maybe I'll go swimming again, but be more careful this time.
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