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Hot Weather, Cut Work, Vacation, Mom's B-day

As we speak, it's currently 110 degrees at my house. Maybe I'll go swimming later at the MVRC, and see if they'll let me in for a day.

I just found out that I'm working 3 days, instead of 5 days for the Inventory Svc job next week. Certain jobs cancelled on us without notice, so things are sucking, financially.

From July 5th to July 7th, I'll be going to New York and Pennsilvania to meet more relatives. Then I come home on the 8th sometime. My folks are going from New York to Jamaica on the 8th, and staying there until the 15th, I think. Financially, my folks couldn't afford for me to go on the full trip with them, which is fine actually. I told them that maybe I'll go to Jamaica next summer year, when things are better, money wise.

June 29th is my mom's b-day. Not sure what to get her though. Maybe I'll just make one of my weird design-pencil-drawings and send it to her. She's already depressed that I can't see her because of work and other stuff going on too.

Hugs and love to y'all on this HOT day. :-)
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