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Weekend of Strange Adventures

After reading and catching up on my Friends page, I guess I'll write about my weekend too.

Friday I don't think I did much of anything. There were plans i needed to take care of, but fell through since time was running out in the day. So whatever.

Saturday morning, my dad woke me out of bed saying that we're going to the DMV to deal with ID. We got there a half hour before they closed in Novato, and the lady at the front desk denied my birth certificate. She said that I would have to get a brand new one from the State I was born in, which was Wyoming, then I could get my ID. But I found out this morning that in order for that to happen, the process of my certificate being mailed to me would take 2 freaking months!! I think it's rubbish, but whatever. Anyway, getting back to Saturday. After a bad deal with the DMV, my dad and I came home and took care of other needed things. The rest of the day was shaky and full of bad vibes UNTIL we headed over to Fairfax for my dad's friend, QQ's birthday bash party. Man that was the funnest part of the whole day/night! There was live music and an actual stage setup at the house, and I got to jam with the band for an hour or so on hand drums. My dad played a little guitar for a while until his cold fingers couldn't handle it anymore. The live music went from electric to acoustic with just guitars until 3am! There must have been about 30 people there at the party. A few of us had sat around a camp fire and continued to jam on Beatles tunes, and other oldies Rock tunes. Then I called the shots to go home and sleep, since i didn't realize how late the party was still going for. So my folks and I said our good-byes and went our merry ways.

Sunday, we all slept in till noon and chilled for a while. Mid-afternoon, my folks and I went to the city and I met my dad's cousin (Rob) for the first time. Great times! We all got some cafe food, and explored OLD pictures of my family. There were young pictures of me that I've always wondered where they disappeared to. So Rob said we could have those pics, which was great, since I would have weird dreams of going back to my past and trying to get back some of the treasured things I lost over the years. I find it hard for me to let go of things I've treasured in my life that means a lot to me. Anyway, after hanging out with Rob for a few hours, my folks and I went to the Haight and explored a few clothes stores for a bit. Then we went to Amoeba (sp?) and wasted our money on a bunch of CDs. :-) I got a Rolling Stones interview thing about the Steel Wheel album, which is really interesting. I also got two Mick Jagger albums, and a Keith Richards album. I almost got the Rolling Stones - 25 x 5 video, but it was too expensive, so I had to reject it this time. :-( Oh well, another time, perhaps. After that, we got pizza and rented a couple of Reggae videos for the night and we were set back to Mill Valley. Really nice way to end an adventurous day.

Today is nothing special, at least not yet anyway. My folks want me to go with them to the City and eat out, and go to this Reggae store or whatever. And if chances are good, we might get to visit my brother for a while. But I don't see that happening, since my dad couldn't reach him by phone.. We'll see though.

And that is it for another long, boring post. Mahalo. :-)

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