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Raven's Visit

Raven should be arriving home any minute now... I miss her lots already. The last few days have been so much fun, and I dunno if I'd be fortunate enough to have THIS much fun again.

Wednesday she arrived and everything sparkled. We caught up on stuff and stayed home and were in each other's arms most of the time. I won't mention anything further than that, I don't wanna gross people out or anything.

Thursday, we woke up at about 10am and cuddled and talked about stupid stuff. I don't really remember what happened before we left the house to go to Petaluma to see Only On Tuesdays, Locale AM, The Drive Home, and Over It. But I think we lazed around most of the time. We finally left to the Phoenix at about 5pm, knowing that Raven's two friends weren't gonna pick us up to go over there. So our best bet was maybe seeing them there later. But nope, that didn't happen either. We had no idea what happened to them. But we did enjoy all bands and Raven got Blaine's broken stick that was lying on the ground after OOT was done playing. Good times. Locale AM kicked ass as well, it was totally worth staying late for, and Raven and I still managed to catch the last bus going home. :-) Got home at nearly 1am and tired. Lights were off but Raven and I stayed up till 4am laughing our asses off about guys we liked and other stuff i won't mention.

We slept in till about 12pm on Friday, and I was aching all over. Raven sorta wanted to stay here and laze around a bit, but I wanted to take her to the Oasis with me, since some good bands were playing then. After sitting in traffic for a while, we finally arrived there at 6:30pm. Locale AM, Desa, Halfway To Nowhere, Bionic Band, Shinobu, and No Regard played. It was such an awesome show. Ran into old friends from high school, and ran into Alex, Jordan, Paul, Haley, and some other cool peeps. It rocked lots! After the show was over, Raven and I stayed around and talked to a few people, then took the bus home at about 12:30. I was burned out and we just went to sleep after getting back.

Today was kinda a sad day, since Raven had to leave this afternoon. But we cuddled lots, sang Locale AM songs, joked around about people and recapturing our funness. I took her down to the Greyhound Station in the city, and stayed with her until her bus jetted off. Then I slowly dragged myself to the nearest busstop and took the 50 GGT back home. It was a really long ride back, it seemed like. Got back here and crashed to sleep. Then I woke up, got dinner at Hi-Tech Burritos. Folks are out shopping for the evening.

Gonna go take a shower and get some sleep. Happy fathers day to all the dads out there. Hope tomorrow will be a good day for you all. :-)
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